There’s a skin-routine hack on TikTok that we love in theory—the idea is an extra, occlusive layer that goes on last in a skincare routine, sealing in all the benefits and delivering additional moisture at the same time. It’s called ‘slugging’, and it can be a great technique, particularly when done with a few clean beauty tweaks.

The viral trend involves slathering skin with petroleum jelly as a final step in a nighttime skincare routine. But while petroleum jelly is moisturising, it can be supremely pore clogging. It’s also a by-product of crude oil production (it collects on oil rig machinery), and unrefined petroleum jelly can contain potentially dangerous contaminants, including a group of carcinogens called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, according to the Environmental Working Group.

The YARD version of slugging starts with rich, plant-based balms or oils rather than petroleum jelly. An advantage they have over petroleum jelly (beyond being clean and petrochemical-free) is that they deliver skin-boosting nutrients—from bakuchiol and other antioxidants to nourishing botanicals—to help smooth skin texture, firm, and increase glow.


Slather these on just before bed over all the other nighttime skin essentials you swear by. If you have very dry skin, you might do this daily, or if you’re oily or acne prone or even have pretty normal skin, maybe keep it to every few nights. The most important part: Listen to your skin!

Yard Skincare’s ‘The Everything Balm’ is a rich, melts
on contact with skin balm. Non-sticky but leaves a
layer of oil on skin. Okay for oily and sensitive skin
and comes scented or unscented.

Brighten and Repair Face Oil

Yard Skincare’s Brighten and Repair Face Oil
is amazingly light and targets wrinkles,
texture and tone of skin. Skin truly looks brighter.