Deluxe Dry Body Brush

YARD’s deluxe dry body brush is made from natural plant bristles which have been uniquely cut on a smooth angle to hug the body, providing a luxurious, premium dry body brushing experience while removing dead skin cells without scratching the skin.


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Suited to

All skin types. Particularly dry, stressed and mature skin types.

Skin feel

Hydrated, cool and refreshed with a dewy, transparent finish.

How to

Dry body brushing helps to improve the lymphatic system and circulation, stimulate blood flow to the heart, improve skin tone and minimise the appearance of skin conditions such as Cellulite and Keratosis Pilaris. It is also known to boost energy levels and improve general wellbeing. This dry body brush can also be used as an intensive exfoliating treatment in preparation for fake tan application.

Keep your deluxe dry body brush clean with a mild tea tree soap, try to keep the water on just the bristles and then pad the bristles into a towel to dry. Leave to dry in a well-ventilated area with bristles facing down in the sun. Ensure the entire brush is dry before using.


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