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  • RECOVER Muscle Oil


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    Natural remedies are an increasingly important part of many people’s approach to wellness. Conditions such as stress, insomnia, low vitality, digestive problems, eczema and poor immunity are the classic areas where a herbal or essential oil remedy, a change in diet or lifestyle can be of great benefit.

    The RECOVER Muscle Oil is just one of our answers to you seeking a natural solution for the troublesome and distressing ailments that we all can fall prey to. It is part of a series of Wellness Oils that utilise the remarkable powers of adaptogens – a very specific group of herbs that have scientifically shown measurable influence on immunity, sleep, stress levels, energy and endurance. These, along with aromatic-therapy or essential oils which play an unbelievably powerful role in our emotional healing (as well as physical) and Ayurvedic herbs and remedies have been specifically chosen to support and enhance your overall health and wellbeing

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