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The Pre + Post Natal Body Oil is designed to promote elasticity, healing and firmness of the skin while protecting it from becoming dry and itchy throughout pregnancy and of course post-pregnancy.
Naturally scented with no added essential oils for additional care and safety to Mum and Baby. 

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Additional information

Additional information



Key Ingredients

Hemp Seed Oil –  to soothe and heal the skin, replenish moisture, and protect against cellular damage.

Pomegranate Seed Oil – a rich + elegant oil containing unique punicic fatty acid, a highly nutritious fatty acid for the skin, able to balance pH and condition skin\\'s surface.
Pomegranate deeply penetrates and protects the skin whilst also repairing, regenerating and rebuilding collagen in the skin.

How To Use

After a shower and onto damp skin, squeeze the dropper and simply apply this precious oil to areas such as the belly, bottom and thighs whilst massaging gently into your skin. A wonderful post-shower ritual to calm the mind and relax the body.
Can be used as an all over body oil.