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Green tea + maca root – suitable for combination skin types.

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The Yard Skincare Rejuvenating Face Mask Treatment with Green Tea + Maca Root and now with Matcha provides important benefits to our skin that we just can’t ignore. Whether it’s for brightening, hydrating, or detoxifying, a our face masks remove impurities and adds ingredients that help improve your skin’s overall health. And because what we put on our skin is just as important as what we put into our bodies, these vegan face masks have been hand formulated and are jam-packed with vegan-friendly ingredients, Yard Skincare’s Rejuvenating Face Mask will make you feel good about your skincare routine.

Green tea: antioxidant and gives a slight exfoliation. powerful antioxidant that helps rejuvenate the skin, prevent damage from the sun and promote elasticity.

Maca root: is rich in vitamins including D and E that help give the skin plump and glowy. It contains a lot of Vitamin C which can increase collagen and fights free radicals that can cause skin damage and inflammation, including a lot of Vitamin C. helps to reduce the effects of ageing, and gives new strength to the skin.

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