Don’t suffer from dry skin 

Our skin is our bodies largest and fastest growing organ: it protects us, keeps us warm during the winter and cool during hot summers, so clearly our skin needs major TLC all the time. Plus, our skin absorbs up to 60% of what we put onto it right into our bloodstream that is why we have to be super careful of what we use and what we get exposed to. Here at Yard Skincare, we use ingredients from the earth with absolutely zero nasty’s and harmful chemicals because we know how important skin is and the role it plays in maintaining mind, body and spirit harmony.

If you suffer from dry skin it’s important to stay hydrated inside and out, if you are unsure what your skin type is the simple way to find out is by washing your face with a cleanser and not putting anything on it for at least 30 minutes. Then check out your face in the mirror, if you feel tightness and dryness all throughout chances are you suffer from dry skin, in severe cases, you will experience flakiness as well.

Dry skin can be caused for various reasons namely genetics, dehydration, poor diet and lack of sleep. The weather also plays a role in how our skin is reacting for instance very hot or cold environments can cause dry skin. If you suffer from dry skin it’s important to be gentle with your skin as it is fragile and watch out for any food intolerances as they may be the culprit behind your eczema. Here at Yard Skincare our botanical products are 100 % vegan and are made using natural ingredients so are safe for the skin and body.

For people with dry, flaky skin and prone to eczema we recommend our luxurious Rose range.

First, to cleanse

The plant-derived Rose Otto + Geranium Cleansing balm is a gentle formula great for people with dry skin: it removes makeup and dissolves impurities whilst aiding skin regeneration. It also balances sebum production and boosts skin elasticity and moisture giving you clear, glowing, soft and supple skin effortlessly.

Second, to none

As a toner, you can use pure rose water and that is all!

Third, to moisturise

Our Wild Mushroom Face cream sounds yummy and is pure magic in a jar. It’s a deeply hydrating cream packed with nourishing oils and antioxidants perfect for any skin type and perfect for dry skin.

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